Lopez Luna Insurance, Inc. has been providing services in Puerto Rico for over ten years with excellent results in terms and quality, cost containment opportunities, and most important, our personal commitment to assist our clients in achieving their goals  and timetables.
    -Lopez Luna provides direct support to its clients in Health, Life, Disability and Property and Casualty insurance programs, as well as Human Resources Consulting Services. We orient and advise our clients in the decision making process to select the best alternative regarding insurance coverage and at the same time look for saving opportunities on areas such as: utilization, financial programs, benefits, risk management and care management.
    -We provide clients with the perspectives and information they need when facing decisions about insurance coverage's, promote the anticipation of client's needs and positive value added solutions.
    -We will always keep high quality controls in order to meet the excellence we demand from ourselves, and one that allows us to be attractive and to have the best opportunities in the market than our competitors.
    -Our motto is to work under strict global standards and a competitive spirit so that our clients not only get ahead, remain ahead.
  Your Competitive Edge to Face the Critical Challanges
Its is always a great challenge to keep your organization as an industry leader in the highly competitive enviroment that today's global business enviroment imposes on managers and the companies they provide expertise with. One of the most critical challenges a manager faces in this never ending process, is how to keep its most valued resource - people - motivated and productive, while keeping the organization globally competitive.
     That's what we do best.!
Assist you and your organization in developing and effectively managing your company's benefits plans such as medical, disability, etc., making sure you never lose the competitive edge in the benefits area while keeping reasonable cost controls in place.
     There are some key features that we have added to our services that have proven to be effective and accepted by most of the groups we serve. The following examples are offered at no cost to out clients.
  • Healths Fairs, including laboratory services for employees and dependents
  • Stress Control Clinics
  • Nutrition Conferences
  • Lower Cost Contention Programs
  • Drug Test
  • Sharing of Cost of Health Benefits Plans with employees through education by direct mailing of health education factors leading to wellness through different publications, among others.


Our experience also shows that informed employees, will participate in helping identify cost saving opportunities that will also help you identify what insurence needs are. This input definitely adds excellent competitive value to your organization.

To become the first choice of organizations (private and public), corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals at the time they acquire a Health, Life, Disability, Liability, Propoerty and Casualty insurence coverage.
To serve as liaison between our customers and insurence companies on their Health, Life, Disability, Property and Casualty needs by providing an effective evaluation, decisionsupport tools, informed choices and orientation in the decision making process that involves benefit maximization, cost control and satisfaction to their associates.
    -World Class People
We operate around thae fact that world-class organizations are made up of world-class people who can readily adapt to the change factor, who are totally committed to learn and diversify. We are in the services business and our greatest asset is truly our people. We are committed to putting the best people in the right places within the organization, and giving them the right training, tools and resources to succeed. We will ensure that the behavior of our employees reflect our commitment to diversity and the fact that all backgrounds and talents are welcome.
    - Ethics - Prevent Fraud. This is the heart of ouor modus operandi. We will not lie or in any way or manner conceal, manipulate, withhold, or convey any false information to do business. We evaluate each client;s particular situation as establish the rules of Insurence Commissioner. For us, honesty, is not merely a claim, it's a definition of our characters and our high standards. it represents the well being of our clients what we defend and pursue with serious dedication.
   - Team Work - We are one. There are no real walls at Lopez Luna Insurance. We handle ourselves at our offices with same openness and sincerity we service our clients. By helping and cooperating among ourselves in coming up with positive solutions, we also bring positive benefits for our clients, that also take the forms of added value. Each one of us is an open door to readiness of service. Like the fingers and the hand we bring agility and unity of purpose to every service we provide, every task we do for our clients.
    -Service Excellence- Customer Value is our main concern and we give it a very special attention and total dedication to each and every client. We operate as an extension of their interest, their needs and expectations. We see things from the client's side. And we go beyond, since we are decidedly pro-active, we anticipate and take the initiative to keep you informed of your best interest and how to profit from them.  Again, this is part of Lopez Luna Advantage and experience for our clients: get ahead, stay ahead. And that is exactly what we want to do for you.